a|i|r records

Strong and clear, innovative and imaginative. Our mission is to present music, regardless of genre, that is deserving of your attention. We are a label of artists, created by and for artists.

Benefiting you, benefiting artists

a|i|r records was established in 1986 with the purpose of benefiting artists and promoting label loyalty through quality and diversity. We don't think people live by bread alone, nor one type of music. Peoples' tastes are diverse - they just want the music to be good. a|i|r records reflects that. In the shadow of monster corporate labels, a|i|r records believes exclusivity and quality mean something. Our roster is small in order to focus more attention to each artist. We like to think of ourselves as the littlest major label in the world. 

Though much of the music on the label was recorded at a|i|r records studio, BarnSound, and much produced by Derek Chafin, it was never a prerequisite. The only requirement has been the music be exceptional and something you need to hear.


Who's behind all this....

Derek Chafin is the president and founder of a|i|r records. Derek is an artist, producer, and is responsible for the overall vision and direction of a|i|r.

Kenny Kearns is the public face and business manager of a|i|r records - creating positive vibes and great opportunities for our family of artists.

John Patriarca is a|i|r records' other life force. JP also a musician, provides unique perspectives and technical prowess so important to a modern record label.



Derek Chafin