Modernists make music that is akin to staring at a glass building. Kaufman allow you to gaze right before they blow the building up, then reassemble the glass chards into something meaningful, personal, and soulful. This is truly new modern rock music. Not aloof or cold, but music that is passionate, filled with tension and release. With two of the four members having worked in film, it's no wonder that Kaufman’s music has cinematic scope, sonic landscapes that are filled with life and power. Their song structures are unique and inventive built to hold up their beautiful melodies. There are touches of Radiohead and the Berlin days of Bowie woven with textures of Sigur Ros and even the Doors, but one must add a little soul music and a whole lot of aggressive rock to get the full picture. Artful music only has meaning if it has soul to connect with and impact only if it has power.

Kaufman's album "Modern Sprawl" introduces these ideas and a band fully formed, explosive and passionate.